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OC Quilting Fabric Shop


Preorder Policy


OC Quilting Fabric Shop will offer preorders on select, upcoming collections or fabrics. You can find these fabric collections under Pre Order menu.

Placing a pre-order means you are reserving fabric by paying for a listing up-front, before I receive this fabric in hand.  Since I do not have the fabric in hand at the time of the pre-order, please understand that I will ship all pre-order fabrics immediately upon receiving pre-order fabrics.  The estimated date of arrival is clearly noted in each pre-order listing.  Sometimes a manufacturer can experience delays or miss-shipments, and these situations are outside of my control.


If for any reason there is an issue with your pre-order (ie delays, missing pieces, etc), I will contact you immediately to make you aware of the situation, and proceed to find a reasonable solution.  Please know that all preorder sales are final.  

Preorder sales cannot be altered, traded or combined with other orders.  Canceling has a 5% cancellation fee that is not refundable.